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Winter tyre maintenance
2014-12-22 15:18:39
Ice and snow world, but despite the beautiful snow, but for us it is Aicheyizu with no small distress, because in this weather phenomenon often occurs icy, bring a lot of inconvenience to the owners, serious impact travel safety, snow and ice on the driver's driving technique not only is a test, a test of the vehicle itself.
At this point, the tyre maintenance is crucial, because aside braking performance driving skills and vehicle, as well as secondary safety system of the vehicle, the most direct contact with the road surface and is put to the test car's tyres, its condition and performance directly affects your winter driving in every moment, then we'll talk about next winter tyres from the inspection.
Check guarantee winter tyres inflation pressure. Low winter temperatures, according to the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, the owner should be appropriately increased winter tyre inflation pressure to reduce tyre wear, but if driving on icy roads, the tyre inflation pressure is too high will affect the grip of the tyre, under normal circumstances, in the cold winter, to use than the standard height of 10 to 15% of the inflation pressure, in addition, in the cold winter, always check the inflation pressure of a vehicle tyre, please replenish when tyre pressure is low.
When driving in winter tyres to ensure that inflation pressures appear drum kits, tyre and tyre cuts crack phenomenon, please replace or repair, with particular attention to wear and tyre tread edges, early discovery and replacement benefit our winter travel safety .
Note that the state of new tyres and tyre tyres traction and grip of a great difference between those who wear very powerful tyre, winter tyres can not even play a role in the snow and ice, and therefore, according to the timely replacement tyre wear, used tyre tread depth has worn mark at 1.6 mm, under the premise of normal use, the tyre wear to achieve this raised place it shows up to replace the tyres.
Note tyre wear control speed, in the cold winter, if it is to re-start and stop after stop, because the tyre is more rigid, you must start at a lower rate after running for some time, to travel in the normal speed, of course, winter driving when the most important thing is to control speed, especially at the height of the highway, not hard acceleration, braking, so as to ensure safety.
Never winter driving hard acceleration, braking strengthen protection cleaning before winter driving, should pay attention to clean after the tyres before driving, to check the tyre tread is covered with snow ditch whether, and if so, will have to clean up, if the clip hard ice in the tyres, do not force prying, nor to tyre poured boiling water, at room temperature with a tread surface to irrigated tyres, but also to check whether there is a stone pattern ditch, iron, nails and other foreign matter, If there is, clean.
Timely clean up tyre tyre width, in the winter, narrow tyre traction greater than the limited capabilities when driving snow, traction tyres does not depend on friction, but by snow tyre tread depth, bite each other and get on the ice On the contrary, a large contact area wide tyres, pressure small tread pattern is difficult in deep snow, how to choose the tyres, but also, as the case may be, if you really need to, we can choose to winter tyres or snow tyres travel.