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Troubleshooting a flat tyre
2014-12-22 15:13:00
Tyres were pierced in the field of crop stubble, if the leak was not serious, do not want to pull out the stubble, the tractor slowly out of the field, and then pull out the repair solved.
Slow tyre leak failure, unplug the valve core tube exhausted air, take a piece of cardboard to make a funnel-shaped, small head into the valve, depending on the tyre size and then take a small amount of talcum powder poured into the tube. When the filling does not go in, you can remove the funnel, tyre rotation and then continue filling until you finish filling powder taken up, and then installed the valve core and plenty of gas. Talcum powder will be spread in the tyre when inflated, slow leak will be blocked pores.
When the plastic tyre valve cap is missing, you can cut some soft plastic tube, one end with roasted soft, crush, and the other end can be set in the valve stem.