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How much is the Standard car tyre pressure  ?
Standard tire pressure are generally marked on the side of the fuel tank cap or the inside of the door, the car owner manual is generally recommended ...
Tyre Maintenance 10 questions should be noted
tyre installation is correct or not directly related to the life of the tyre, especially when in the replacement tyre. Types and patterns of different...
The vacuum tyre
That there is no vacuum tire inner tubes, and now are used in vacuum above car tires, generally in accordance with the size of the tire pressure tire ...
BMW parked roadside four tires were all pry the body such as the
Police liaison to 32 years after the male driver surnamed Su, Gu male owner of the scene to assist the investigation.
Tire pressure monitoring system and brake the car tire industry is a revolution
Currently, explosion-proof products in the world there are tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) and PAX run-flat tires
What is the role of the tire?
The tire is grounded on a variety of vehicles or rolling mechanical assembly of an annular elastic rubber. Typically mounted on a metal rim, capable o...
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